Residential home manager

Type of Employment: Full Time

Location: West Midlands

Hours: 35 hours

Salary: £23,000 Annual salary

Job Reference Number: #01845

Job Description


All Home Managers must be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and ensure certificates and licenses are obtained and displayed. To carry overall responsibility for each individual service user and the Home, including Health & Safety responsibilities.

A Home Manager is required to manage the Home to ensure they themselves and the Home staff support individual service users with learning disabilities including challenging behaviour to undertake every day activities and functions.

Home Managers are required to manage the Home to ensure they themselves and the Home staff support individual service users to attain personal independence, choice and responsibility in a homely environment in which the Home Manager and Home staff are required to demonstrate unconditional acceptance and tolerance.

Home Managers are responsible for developing and ensuring all personalised care plans meet the individual service user’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs in accordance with set care standards as defined in the Essential Standards.

Home Managers must maintain continuity of care and manage all resources required to run the homes, including but not limited to: staff, consumables, furnishings, stationary etc

A Home Manager must be able to integrate individual service users into the local community life and activities by establishing and maintaining existing relationships, promoting friendship with and personal development of the individual service users.

Home Managers are responsible for the implementation of Company policies within the Home, especially those relating to the management of staff, care of service users and administrative procedures.

Home Managers are responsible for producing, reviewing and working in accordance to Company and Home risk assessments.

Home Managers must work towards the Company business plans and complete objectives and achieve targets set for the Home.

Home Managers must ensure all aims and objectives of the home are achieved.

A Home Manager must maintain high standards in a person centred approach to care, which places the dignity and integrity of the individual service user in the forefront of their priorities,

Home Managers are expected to ensure their Homes receive a minimum care standard rating of good from the Care Quality Commission, but the Company expects all Homes to be looking to achieve a care standard rating of excellent. Home Managers will be required to be present during multi agency inspections of the Homes.

Home Managers are required to liaise with multi-disciplinary agencies on a regular basis in respect of each individual service user to develop, review and initiate intervention strategies.