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2012 Questionnaires

To find out how we look after the people we help to support, we asked them and their families, our own staff, and the healthcare professionals we work with every day, what they thought of our service.
From this feedback we can work out what we do well and what we don’t do well, and where we can improve as a service.
This Year we found out that…
 34% of all the people we asked thought we had maintained our quality of care, and 47% of people said we had improved. Training is important to our staff with 87% saying they received the right amount of training to do their jobs effectively.
A few people even said they had too much training!
The people we asked this Year feel confident and happy that the people we look after are living in a safe, caring and person centred environment. Any concerns are treated confidentially and professionally.
Thank You
 Thank you all for taking the time to answer our questions. We know we can continue to maintain and improve our quality of service with your help and support.


"I like living in my own home”

"I feel safe and have a good quality of life and I am given choices”
"The staff provide a home from home environment for my son”
"The staff have always provided great care for my sister, and look after her needs very well”

2012 Summary Report