About Us

Our Mission is to..

…support the individual to attain personal independence, choice and responsibility in a homely environment which expresses unconditional acceptance and tolerance and is committed to friendship and growth.”

Operating since August 1999, Inshore Support Ltd provides support for individuals with the most complex needs, so that they may attain personal independence, choice, responsibility and self confidence to overcome challenges and achieve personal goals.

The company develops individual services to meet the needs of people with learning disabilities who exhibit challenging behaviour. The flexibility and core skills of our staff, along with our management expertise, enable us to create people centred packages of care and deliver a service catered to individual needs.

Our organisation provides high quality community based support services for people with a wide range of needs that are considered complex and challenging.

Our knowledge and experience in service covers a range of behaviour, health and social needs gives us a full understanding of the individuals in our services specific needs and an industry awareness that pushes us to care for the most vulnerable people in a dignified and progressive manner.