Supported Living

Our Supported Living Services


What is Supported Living?

This model of care promotes individual’s independence by offering a tenancy agreement which gives the person ownership of their own home. Care and support are provided to the individuals based on the individual’s needs in their house/bungalow or flat.



How do Inshore Support encourage this?

All staff who work for Inshore Support are trained to a high standard and support individuals to up-hold their tenancy as part of a Bespoke package of care.



Staff’s responsibilities:

A support worker supports individual service users with learning disabilities including challenging behaviour to undertake every day activities and functions.

Support workers are required to support individual service users to attain personal independence, choice and responsibility in a homely environment in which the support worker is required to demonstrate unconditional acceptance and tolerance.

A support worker must be able to integrate individual service users into the local community life and activities by establishing and maintaining existing relationships, promoting friendship with and personal development of the individual service users.



Inshore Support Supported Living Services:

A major part of our business is providing personalised care packages for individuals who wish to maintain their independence whilst living in their own homes. Our service specialises in people whom have Autism, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health and present Challenging behaviour.

We also provide small family houses that are built and furnished in a way that enhances the social standing of the people who live there and, in partnership with Quay Properties and Scriven’s, we support people to find and up hold their own tenancies.

Our Supported Living homes are tailored to suit the needs of the person who wishes to obtain their own tenancy.