Senior Support Worker

Type of Employment: Full Time

Location: West Midlands and Kidderminster

Hours: 35hrs per week

Salary: 10.60 p/hr

Job Reference Number: #01845

Job Description

A senior support worker supports individual service users with learning disabilities including challenging behaviour to undertake every day activities and functions.

Senior support workers are required to support individual service users to attain personal independence, choice and responsibility in a homely environment in which the senior support worker is required to demonstrate unconditional acceptance and tolerance.

A senior support worker must be able to integrate individual service users into the local community, help improve quality of life and develop activities. Also supporting a fulfilling home life by establishing and maintaining existing relationships, promoting friendship and encouraging personal development for the individual based on their specific needs

A senior support staff must also be a keen observer and have a good understanding of care practices as they support and assist the Area/Home or Deputy Manager to develop and initiate personalised care plans, risk assessments, ensuring a personalised package of care.

Supporting the site to be managed effectively and encourage growth within the staff team. To be responsible for the continuation and Company policies relating to the management of staff and administrative procedures as delegated by the Area/Home or Deputy Manager. These duties can include mentoring, supervising, auditing and reviewing of staff performance, paperwork and on site practices within the work setting.

A keen and effective communicator with the ability to listen, problem solve and ensure staff and service users are heard. This means a strong knowledge of best practice in health and social care is essential, as well as the ability to learn and implement internal practices, in line with legislative framework to assist the Area/Home or Deputy Manager in maintaining high standards in a person centred approach to care, which places the dignity and integrity of the individual service user in the forefront of their priorities.